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Cammareri Wealth Management Group

NFS Fee Disclosure

National Securities Corp., Member FINRA/SIPC Fee Disclosure 03/01/2018




Wire Fee30.00$per event
Pre-Payment Fee10.00$(plus interest)
Manual One Time Retirement Distribution30.00$per event
Duplicate Statement, Confirm or Tax Doc requests10.00$per month ($20 for closed accounts)
ACH/EFT NSF50.00$per event
Bounced/Returned Check75.00$per event
Stop Payment25.00$per event
Safekeeping (covers deposit, custody & withdrawal)8.50$Per certificate per month
Copy of Canceled Check10.00$per check
Service fee, handling and processing (per transaction)-$varies depending on broker of record
Tax Corrections50.00$(for any previous tax year)
Annual Custody Fee75.00$

The Annual Custody Fee is assessed on each account which holds a position, and for which there has been no trading activity during the prior calendar year. Fund PIPs/SWPs, Exchanges, NTFs as well as equity dividend reinvestments and margin interest are considered trading activity. Fee will be charged in January following the calendar year of no activity. The parameters for the annual custody fee are subject to review by NFS.

Annual Account Minimum Equity Fee75.00$charged if total account balance is less than $2,500 as of 11/30 of each calendar year
Overnight Package USA30.00$
Overnight Package International60.00$


Outgoing ACAT150.00$Does not apply to qualified accounts where FMTC/NFS is the custodian.
Foreign Secs Rec/Del100.00$plus pass through fees
DTC Deliveries75.00$per security
DRS or DWAC Receives25.00$per security
Legal Transfers150.00$per event
Physical Re Org Fee150.00$per security
Transfer and Ship (DRS Eligible)50.00$per event
Transfer and Ship (Non-DRS Eligible)500.00$per event
Legal Certificate Returns100.00$per security
Restricted Stock Clearance for NSC Investment Banking deals150.00$per submission
Restricted Stock Clearance Review/Approval/Deposit500.00$per submission (non-NSC Investment Banking deals)
Precious Metals (transfer, delivery & custody)-$pass through fees


Annual Fee$35.00Applies to qualified accounts where FMTC/NFS is the custodian
Closing/Termination Fee125.00$Applies to qualified accounts where FMTC/NFS is the custodian


Custody and Valuation Fee*35.00$per Registered CUSIP
Custody and Valuation Fee*125.00$per Non-Registered CUSIP
* Annual Custody and Valuation fees shall be capped at$500 per account per year.Registered products are alternative investments registered under the Securities Act of 1933
Initial/additional purchases50.00$
Transfer Re-registration Fee50.00$
Document Review100.00$


Brokerage Access with optional Debit Card125.00$
First 25 checks free. No per check minimum.$500 money market balance.$1.00 ATM Fee on all ATM withdrawals, ATM surcharges and other fees may apply.
Brokerage Access Check Re-Order5.00$50 Checks
Brokerage Portfolio (Checking Only)150.00$No per check minimum. $5k minimum in money market and/or
Brokerage Portfolio with Gold Card150.00$marginable secs. 5 free ATM withdrawals- ATM Surcharges may apply
Brokerage Portfolio with Platinum Card200.00$Other fees may apply. 3.NF-LR1-FD-0318