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Cammareri Wealth Management Group

“The solutions all are simple….after you have arrived at them. But they are simple only when you know already what they are.”

– Robert M. Pirdig, American Philosopher

Life Event Solutions

Seek to building a solid foundation using goals-based, financial planning that is on-going and accessible so we can focus together on meeting and exceeding important milestones, regardless of market conditions and performance.

1. Risk Management – Insurance (Life and Long-Term Care)

  • Analyze insurance needs based on income, health, age, investment portfolios, education needs, goals and objectives
  • Evaluate current life, disability, long-term care, health, umbrella, property and auto insurance and look for opportunities for improvement or money savings
  • Provide guidance on property and casualty policies
  • Provide advice for long-term care insurance, types of coverage, riders, cost benefit analysis
  • Provide advice on disability insurance and planning for loss of income
  • Provide advice on elder care issues
  • Analyze liquidity needs for estate tax purposes, gifting and inheritance planning

2. Education Funding

  • Provide access to education investment accounts, e.g. 529 plans, custodial accounts, Education Savings Accounts, IRA’s and Savings bonds
  • Establish and monitor financial education programs

3. Client Education and Monitoring Process

  • Provide investment information with a comprehensive approach
  • Keep you up to date with product, service, strategy changes and improvements
  • Conduct ongoing communication through face to face meetings, telephone conferences and web based conferencing
  • Provide appointment summaries
  • Send monthly newsletters or updates
  • Provide positive encouragement and motivation for effort and successes
  • Advise you to avoid reactive or emotional decisions which could negatively affect your portfolio
  • Support you through life’s transitional phases: major illness, death, inheritance, job change, retirement, child birth, divorce, legal issues or other crises
  • Encourage you to save and invest
  • Help you understand the various attitudes toward money and the financial decision making associated with each of them
  • Resolve problems quickly
  • Educate you on the potential tradeoffs of financial decisions and how they relate to goals
  • Provide economic and stock market updates and explain what it means to you
  • Help evaluate the economic news with you and make decisions accordingly
  • Constantly seek out professional education for myself to better serve you

4. Client Access, Online Vault and Performance Reporting

  • Constant access to account performance via computer or mobile device
  • Personal budgeting tool
  • Secure online vault with unlimited space for important documents such as: wills, trusts, insurance policies

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